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Creepy Cuisine: The rise of edible insects

The Gateway Bug: a documentary about the future of food

“There’s A Good Chance We’ll All Be Eating Bugs Very Soon”The Gateway Bug Film

The Gateway Bug: The Making Of

TEN QUESTIONS with the creators of The Gateway Bug

“Brooklyn Filmmakers Explore If Eating Bugs Can Reduce Global Warming”

The Gateway Bug film

“By 2050, we’ll all be eating bugs – on purpose”The Gateway Bug film

“Bugging Out: This Kickstarter Doc Explains Why Crickets Should Be Your New Favorite Snack”The Gateway Bug Film

“If vegans and vegetarians replaced plants with crickets, they’d harm fewer animals.”

The Gateway Bug Film

‘The Gateway Bug’ to make Southeast Debut during Nashville Film Festival

The Gateway Bug film

“Your Dinner Will Look Way Different in a Climate Changed Future”

The Gateway Bug film

Buggin’ Out at the 2017 SF DocFest

The Gateway Bug film

‘ReWild Yourself’ Podcast hosted by Daniel Vitalis – Episode #132, an interview with the creators of ‘The Gateway Bug’

Santa Barbara International Film Festival 2017 “Meet the Makers”

Santa Barbara Independent

WE ARE MOVING STORIES Interview with Director Johanna B. Kelly

“‘The Gateway Bug’ will change how you think about bugs in your food”

“Here’s a film about eating bugs (that’ll change the way you view your diet)”

The Gateway Bug Film

“The Gateway Bug: booming American edible insects industry”

The Gateway Bug Film