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Our Bug-Eating Friends

We had many amazing opportunities while shooting this documentary to meet like minded people making a difference in this world. From farming, technology and policy making to cooking and creating new ways for entomophagy to develop, these are a few of our favorites:

Alimentary Initiatives Toronto, ON

Andrew Zimmern Minneapolis, MN

Big Cricket Farms Youngstown, OH

Cambridge Naturals Cambridge, MA

Chapul Salt Lake City, UT

Cookie Martinez Toronto, ON

Daniella Martin Minneapolis, MN

Entomo Farms Peterborough, ON

eXo Protein New York, NY

Grilo Protein Byron Bay, NSW, Australia

in.gredients Austin, TX

Jurassic Snacks Bellingham, WA

Little Herds Austin, TX

Santa Barbara Aquaponics Santa Barbara, CA

Six Foods Cambridge, MA

Slightly Nutty Santa Barbara, CA

Sonny Ramaswamy at the USDA Washington, D.C.

Third Millennium Farming Toronto, ON

Tiny Farms Oakland, CA

United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization Edible Insects: Future Prospects for Food and Feed Security